Community Contributions

We sponsor hundreds of community organizations, charities, teams and causes. To obtain a donation or sponsorship, please send us a request letter detailing your organization, cause and how we can help. We’ll get back to you asap and will try our best to help!


A BIG Thank You to everyone at Just Jakes for helping us with our fundraiser, it was an awesome success. We raised an estimated $2700.
— Joy Epps

Environmentally Conscious

We love the environment and buy our ingredients and supplies from other local and environmentally conscious businesses. We recycle all of our paper products, tin, glass and plastics and use biodegradable garbage bags. We buy energy efficient products and biodegradable cleaners, plus, we compost daily and have reduced our waste by 90 000 kg so far. Our fryer oil becomes biodiesel, which can power a vehicle, and the mash from every beer we brew at Craig Street Brew Pub, feeds the hungry local pigs.


Local Art Community

We have always been a commission free option for local artists to display their work. Come in for some lunch, dinner or a casual drink and check out the amazing art produced here in the valley!